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To Drummond Street, With Love

To Drummond Street, With Love

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Featuring a series of interviews with traders and locals across Drummond Street, the film draws attention to the significance of the area, which has established itself as a unique pocket of homeliness within Euston, visualising itself as a love letter to the street's history and importance! Despite the challenges brought upon by the ongoing construction of the High Speed 2 rail link and COVID-19 pandemic, the community across Drummond Street have continued to sustain an earnest familiarity and thrive in the joy of hospitality.

Film Still from To Drummond Street, With Love 

The film was screened as part of a one-day screening event at Camden People's Theatre, located at the top of Drummond Street with support from the Museum of London and Arts Council England.

The screening was an opportunity to watch the commissioned film and celebrate the interviewees alongside the team involved in making it. Featuring incredible catering by traders across Drummond Street who were interviewed as part of the film. 


The Screening Event!

The Screening Event!


Photographed by
Jorge Jobim 


A series of 10 portraits taken on 35mm of the interviewees across the street by Sara were displayed in the window gallery at Camden People's Theatre

A special thank you to: Shah Tandoori, Ravi Shankar, Taste of India, Chutneys, Diwana and Raavi Kebab for the nourishment throughout the evening!


To Drummond Street,
With Love 

This entire film would not have been made possible without the kindness and support of the incredible team I had the pleasure to collaborate with and get to know along the process!

Creative Team and Roles:

Director & Editor: Sara David
Assistant Director:  Alexis Parinas 
Production Assistant: Nurin Yusof
Production Assistant & Photography: Yasmine Aminanda 
Animator: Kajal Mistry
Sound Mixing: Simaran Patel
Neelam Rani: Background Vocals
Jatinder Kaur: Background Vocals
Equipment Sourcer: Theo Bolante

Thank you to Camden People's Theatre for letting us host this screening at your beautiful venue with such a strong connection to the local community!

Thank you especially to Kate and Dhelia at the Museum of London for their unbelievable care in leading this project and mentorship throughout!

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